Emergency Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance covers the cost of emergency medical care wherever you are.
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What is emergency travel medical insurance?

An emergency travel medical insurance policy helps to cover unexpected medical costs when you are away from home.

Of the travel insurance products available, emergency medical coverage is undoubtedly the most important. One should never leave their home country without some form of emergency medical coverage in place.

When travelling outside your home country, you may experience a medical emergency in which you need medical care. Depending on the nature of the care you need, you may incur substantial medical bills, and without some form of travel coverage, you will have to pay these expenses personally.

Medical emergencies that occur outside Canada are significantly more expensive than at home, and your Government Health Care coverage becomes limited as soon as you are outside your home province and country.

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Cover medical costs

Travel without worrying about the cost of medical care you need.

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Return home

Emergency medical return home for treatment.

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24x7 Support

Toll-free support is available 24x7 whenever you need.

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How does it work?

  • Purchase travel coverage prior to your departure for the duration needed for yourself and your family.
  • In the event of a medical emergency, contact the 24x7 toll-free support.
  • A professional will direct you to the best possible local facility for your care, and any medical expenses incurred will be covered.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Here are some examples of factors that can affect cost:

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Insurance costs generally increase with age.

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Trip duration

Travel medical coverage cost is based on a daily rate.

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Health history

Cost can be affected by health history.

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Cost can vary based on where you are travelling to. It is always less for travel within Canada.

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What is included in my government benefits?

Each province and territory has their own respective health care plans. For this reason, benefits will vary from one province/territory to the next. It is worth checking what is covered under your plan prior to travelling.

Travel outside Canada

Coverage is limited to physician and hospital costs. If you receive medical or hospital care when outside of Canada, you will be responsible for paying the difference between the amount charged and the amount your provincial plan reimburses you. E.g. For an Alberta resident, in-patient hospital services are limited to $100 per day reimbursement.

Travel within Canada

Provinces and Territories (except Quebec) have an Interprovincial Billing Agreement in which the host province covers medically necessary services and the home province subsequently is billed for reimbursement. Services such as ambulance (air/ground), hospital transfers, or transportation back to your home province are not covered by your government plan.

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