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Access to the most advanced medicine, best physicians and specialists, and exclusive services for you and your family.
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What is global medical care?

Unlocks access to the best physicians and hospitals around the world through excusive access to premier physician networks, providing coverage for hospitalization, outpatient services, maternity and repatriation.

Should you need care, you can exit the Canadian health care system, avoid the growing queues, and get treated immediately at your preferred location anywhere in the world, by the worlds top medical specialists.

Whether you're a Canadian resident who wants the optionality of leaving Canada to get the best treatment, or an expat (non-resident) who wants to ensure you have access to the best care regardless of where you are living and/or working - Global Medical Care works equally well.

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Best care on earth

Ensure the people you love can get the best available care.

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Avoid wait times

Exit the Canadian health care system, skip the queue.

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Covered globally

Whether living outside Canada or travelling - you're covered.

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Executive Proactive Health Assessment

You have the option to include an Executive Health Assessment in your Global Medical Care plan.

Pairing an Executive Health Assessment with Global Medical Care is a particularly powerful combination for health - enabling you to proactively identify issues and risk factors early, and then get treated immediately at the best available facilities by the best available specialists in their given field.

Inclusion of the Executive Health Assessment gives you access to a local private medical clinic of your choosing (within network), such as Telus Health (formerly Copeman Clinic), Medcan, Cleveland Clinic, InLiv.

Executive health assessments are completed annually in-clinic by a dedicated team, are in-depth (often over~3 hours) and provide you with a detailed report and action plan.

How much does global medical care cost?

Cost will vary primarily due to age and gender. Health history (if any) can also be a factor. Additionally, optional add-ons (should you want them) will add value, but also come at additional cost.

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Generally, insurance cost less for younger age groups, and more for older age groups.

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Women live longer than men on average, so insurance may cost less than for males.

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Your unique health history, family history, chronic diseases and lifestyle can impact costs.

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Optional add-ons

Add-ons make your coverage more comprehensive, but will also add cost to your plan.

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How can global medical care help me?

  • Get access to second opinions, top specialists, and the worlds best medical care
  • Get access to treatment in other provinces or countries where wait times are shorter
  • Get access to the most advanced treatment and care regardless of location
  • Access to a personal nurse and concierge services
  • Reduce risk of prolonged disability by ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment
  • Designed to compliment provincial and employee group health plans

Some statistics

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  • 10-15% of patients are misdiagnosed. (Globe & Mail, February 2012)
  • 33% of oncology second opinions differ from first opinions. 50% of these resulted in major changes in therapy or prognosis. (Canadian Medical Association Journal, August 2012)
  • Specialist physicians surveyed report a median waiting time of 20.0 weeks between referral from a general practitioner and receipt of treatment. (Fraser Institute, National Waiting List Survey 2016)

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