Engineers Canada Child Life & Accident

Basic life and accident coverage for your child(ren).

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Plan Overview

If you have children, don’t let financial concerns get in the way of getting the best treatment for them in case of a serious accident.

Accident protection for one premium that covers ALL your eligible children
Up to $500,000 in Major Impairment benefits or $25,000 in Term Life coverage
$125,000 maximum Accidental Death benefit

General information

What's Covered
Covered losses
Amount payable per unit
Total and permanent Paralysis or Loss of Use of two limbs
Brain Damage
Total and permanent Loss of Sight or Hearing or Speech
Loss of one Hand and one Foot
Loss of one Hand or one Foot and Sight of one Eye
Loss of Use of both Hands or both Feet
Loss of Use of one Arm or one Leg
Loss of Use of one Hand or one Foot
Total and Permanent Loss of Sight in one eye
Loss of Thumb and Index Finger of the Same Hand
Total and Permanent Loss of Hearing in one ear
Loss of Four Fingers of One Hand
Loss of All Toes on One Foot
Term Life insurance benefit
Amount payable per unit
Death by any cause
What's Excluded

Major Impairment benefits are not payable if impairment results from war, whether declared or not, or any act of war or insurrection. Term Life benefit is not payable if death results from suicide.

Determining your eligibility

Members and employees participating in Term Life or Major Accident Protection insurance plans are eligible to apply for Child Life & Accident Insurance for any of their children who are:

  • unmarried
  • dependent on the Member/Employee for support, and
  • over 14 days but under 25 years of age. (Children over age 21 must be in full-time attendance at an accredited college or university.)

Child Life & Accident Protection Rates

Child Life & Accident Monthly Premiums
1 unit
2 units
3 units
4 units
5 units
Major Impairment
Up to $100,000
Up to $200,000
Up to $300,000
Up to $400,000
Up to $500,000
Term Life
Monthly premium

Premiums are subject to change without notice.

This single monthly premium covers ALL your eligible dependent children, regardless of how many you have.

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