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Heading South for the Winter? Let's Talk Stability Periods in Travel Insurance!

Garrett Agencies Team
January 7, 2024
5 min read

Hey there, Canadian wanderers! 🍁✈️As the leaves start to fall and the chill sets in, many of you might be getting ready to trade your snow boots for flip-flops. That's right, the great migration of the Canadian snowbirds is upon us! But before you start dreaming of sunny beaches or city escapes, let's chat about something super important – Stability Period Exclusions in your travel insurance.

What's a Stability Period Anyway?

Think of a Stability Period as a bit of a health check-up for your travel insurance. It's a set time before your trip when your health needs to be as steady as a train on tracks – no sudden changes or new treatments. This period is crucial because it determines if your pre-existing medical conditions are covered while you're out exploring the world.

Why Should You Care?

Well, imagine you're sipping a piña colada on a beach in Cancun, and oops – a health issue pops up. If this issue is something you've had before your trip and it wasn't "stable," your insurance might say, "Sorry, eh," and not cover the costs. And we all know medical bills can be scarier than a bear in your backyard.

Tips to Keep Your Travel Plans as Smooth as Maple Syrup:

  1. Know What "Stable" Means: It's not just about feeling good; it's about your medical condition not playing a game of red light, green light. No new symptoms, treatments, or medication changes!
  2. Medication Matters: If your doctor switches up your meds or dosage, that's a change, and it could affect your stability status. Keep it consistent, folks!
  3. Timing is Everything: Count back from the day you leave your cozy Canadian home, not from when you bought your insurance. This is when your Stability Period starts.
  4. Age is More Than a Number: If you're 60 or over, you'll likely need to complete a Medical Questionnaire (MQ). It's like a quiz that doesn't grade you but does figure out your premium. A professional advisor can assist you with this.

What If I’m Not ‘Stable’?

Navigating the waters of travel insurance with a health condition that doesn't qualify as "stable" can be challenging, but it's not a dead end. If your medical condition has changed recently, making you ineligible for standard coverage, there are still options available. Some insurance providers may offer coverage for unstable pre-existing conditions at an additional premium, reflecting the increased risk. Alternatively, there are specialized insurance products designed to cover those with more complex medical histories. It's important to discuss your situation openly with your insurance advisor to understand the options available to you and any extra costs that may be involved. Transparency is key to finding a policy that ensures you're adequately protected on your travels.

Before You Pack Your Bags:

Do a quick refresher on your policy's Key Features &Benefits. It's less about cramming for a test and more about making sure you're covered for peace of mind.

So, dear snowbirds, before you spread your wings, make sure your travel insurance is as ready for takeoff as you are. With a little prep, you can ensure your only worries will be about getting an even tan or finding the best local eats.

Safe travels, and don't forget to send a postcard! 🌴📮

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