Recurrent Disability

In the context of Living Benefits Insurance, "Recurrent Disability" refers to a situation where an insured person's disability benefits can resume immediately if the insured person becomes disabled again due to the same or a related condition within a specified period after returning to full-time work. This period is typically 12 months or six months, depending on the occupation class. Importantly, the waiting period does not need to be satisfied again for the benefits to resume.

Key aspects of Recurrent Disability include:

  1. Immediate Benefit Resumption: Benefits resume without a new waiting period if the disability reoccurs.
  2. Specified Period: The recurrence must occur within 12 months or six months of returning to work.
  3. Same or Related Disability: The disability must be the same or related to the initial condition.

Understanding recurrent disability provisions helps policyholders manage their benefits effectively if their disability reoccurs.

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