See also Prescription Drugs

In the context of health insurance in Canada, "Drugs" refer to products that meet specific regulatory and professional criteria established by Health Canada and the healthcare system. These are substances that:

  • Have received approval from Health Canada for specific medical uses and have been assigned a Drug Identification Number (DIN), indicating their authorization for sale and distribution within the country.
  • Can only be dispensed to patients by licensed professionals, such as Pharmacists, Physicians, or Dentists, as well as other qualified health professionals who are authorized by law to do so.
  • Require a legal prescription from a Physician, Dentist, or other healthcare professionals who are qualified and authorized by law to prescribe medications, ensuring their use is overseen by medical experts.
  • Are available for purchase within Canada, having been marketed following the regulatory standards and guidelines set by Health Canada, ensuring their safety, efficacy, and quality for the Canadian public.

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