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Is Medical Insurance Necessary When Immigrating to Canada?

When you move to Canada, you should know that each province has its own rules and waiting periods for new residents to qualify for government health insurance. For instance, in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, there's typically a 3-month waiting period before new immigrants or temporary work visa holders can apply for this insurance. During this waiting time, it's crucial to have travel health insurance. This insurance should cover medical and dental emergencies, emergency hospital stays, and transportation, among other things, to ensure you're protected until you can access the government healthcare system.

What is super visa insurance?

Super Visa insurance is a type of medical insurance required for Super Visa applicants visiting Canada. It covers emergency medical costs if they get sick or injured during their stay. To apply for a Super Visa, you need to show proof of this insurance, which must:

  1. Be from a Canadian insurance company.
  2. Be valid for at least one year from when you enter Canada.
  3. Cover at least $100,000.
  4. Show that you've already paid for the insurance.

This insurance is important for ensuring visitors can handle unexpected medical expenses in Canada.

Source: Super visa (for parents and grandparents) - Government of Canada

Is Travel Insurance Required for Visiting Canada?

While travel insurance is not always required for entering Canada, it is highly recommended. Some visa types do need proof of medical insurance for the whole stay. Medical care in Canada can be expensive, so having travel health insurance is important to cover any medical costs during your visit, even if it's a short one.

What Are the Implications of Getting Sick or Injured While in Canada?

In Canada, healthcare services are not free for visitors, and the government does not cover hospitalization or emergency medical services for tourists. Without adequate medical insurance, you would be responsible for all medical expenses incurred during your stay. These costs can be substantial, making travel medical insurance a wise investment. It's a relatively small expense compared to the potential high costs of emergency medical treatment in Canada. Ensure you're covered to avoid financial burdens in case of illness or injury.

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