Why should I consider an additional disability policy if I already have one through my work?

Evaluating your employer-sponsored disability policy is crucial to determine if additional coverage is necessary. Consider these aspects:

  • Income Replacement: Assess how much of your salary the employer-sponsored plan covers. Is it sufficient to meet your needs if you're unable to work?
  • Scope of Coverage: Does the plan cover both illnesses and injuries? Understand the extent of the protection provided.
  • Coverage Timing: Are you protected only during work hours, or does the coverage extend to 24/7?
  • Rehabilitation Services: Check if the plan includes support for returning to work, which can be vital for a smooth transition.
  • Definition of Disability: Understand how 'disability' is defined in your plan. This definition can significantly impact your eligibility for benefits.

An individual policy, has the advantage of portability – it stays with you even if you change jobs. After reviewing these factors, you might find that your employer's plan doesn't fully meet your needs, indicating the potential benefit of additional coverage.

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