What is the benefit of a guaranteed acceptance health care plan compared to the others?

The key benefit of Guaranteed Acceptance extended heath care plans will cover any pre-existing medical conditions you may have, and you can apply at any time.

This is beneficial for those who have health history that may result in exclusions, or even potentially being declined for coverage if applying for a Medically Underwritten plan, as well as those who are outside the 60-90 day window for applying for a Guaranteed Issue plan.

The 'caveat' to a Guaranteed Acceptance plan, is that the insurer tends to assume that anyone applying for this type of plan is unable to qualify for the other plan types, and for that reason will design the plans (for both profitability and sustainability reasons) to offer lowest amounts of coverage at a higher relative cost.

Guaranteed Acceptance plans are a valuable option for those who can't otherwise get health care coverage, but from a best-practice standpoint are generally used once it's been determined that the other plan options aren't suitable.

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