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Engineers Canada is the national organization of the 12 engineering regulators licensing Canada 290,000 members of the profession.

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Engineers Canada, in partnership with Manulife, offers a unique insurance program that blends the best of group and individual plans, providing competitive, comprehensive coverage tailored for engineers, geoscientists, and technologists. Trusted by over 80,000 professionals, the program is endorsed by provincial engineering associations and ensures affordability, quality, and adaptability to support your career-long journey.

Association Advantage

Collective Strength, Enhanced Benefits

Professional associations often partner with insurance companies to offer exclusive life, health, and disability insurance products to their members. These partnerships are marked by the association's endorsement of a specific insurer, leading to unique benefits and competitive rates for members. In return, a share of the insurance sales revenue is directed back to the association, enhancing member services and reinforcing the mutual benefits of this collaborative approach.

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Association Advantage

Comparing Association and Group Plans

Association insurance plans often share similar characteristics with employee group benefits, providing members with competitively low rates. Like group plans, they offer a collective advantage in pricing, but tend to have more limited benefits when compared to individual insurance options. Additionally, these benefits are typically contingent on association membership and are not guaranteed, meaning they can be discontinued if one leaves the association. However, it's important to note that some associations break this mold. These select programs have innovatively merged the best aspects of group and individual insurance plans. This approach results in a unique offering that provides the cost-effectiveness of group plans while retaining the comprehensive and tailored benefits usually found in individual insurance policies.

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Association Advantage

Engineers Canada Plans

One such exception is the insurance program administered by Manulife and offered through Engineers Canada (Canadian Council of Professional Engineers) and its provincial constituents (e.g. APEGA, APEGM, APEGNB).This program combines the economies of scale of a group insurance plan, with the superior features and benefits of an individual insurance contract. Effectively, this enables you, the member, to obtain terms, conditions, rates and benefits not available on an individual basis in the commercial marketplace that are portable throughout your career(s).

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Association Advantage

Eligibility and Professional Advisory Services

If you're a member of provincial engineering associations like APEGA, APEGM, APEGNB, technician groups such as ASET, CTTAM, NBSCETT, or the architect association MAA, you qualify for our exclusive insurance products. Additionally, you gain access to professional advisory services from the seasoned advisors at Garrett Agencies. These advisory services, offered at no extra charge, are a significant benefit. They ensure that your specific needs are met efficiently and cost-effectively through personalized planning, adding an extra layer of value to your membership.

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