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Disability Insurance 

This affordable disability insurance plan can provide you with a generous monthly benefit to replace lost income if a serious illness or accident keeps you from making a living.
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Term Life Insurance 

The Engineers Canada-sponsored Term Life Plan can provide financial security to your loved ones when they need it most.


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Extended Health Care & Dental Care Insurance

Designed to cover eligible health expenses your government health insurance doesn't pay for.  Dental Care Plan covers expenses for checkups as well as preventative and restorative care.

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Critical Illness Insurance 

Members and their spouses can both choose up to 40 units of $25,000 each, for a maximum of $1,000,000 coverage per person, of either Essential Coverage or Enhanced Coverage.


Major Accident Protection Insurance

In the event you suffer a serious, disabling accident, Accident Insurance can provide the funds to help you and your family during the period necessary to adapt to changes in your abilities.

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Business Overhead Insurance Plan

Covers business expenses that continue when your business revenue slows or stops because you are disabled due to illness or accident.





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